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Step 1 - WeatherBug Achieve Login

The following pages will demonstrate the new procedure for teacher and student login to WeatherBug Achieve. The pages are not functional and are for demo purposes only. Please note on the current page, the new procedure provides a separate login for teachers and students. Teachers are provided a username and password through a short registration process to use for logging to Classroom. Click NEXT to continue.

Step 2 - Teachers Login

The new version of WeatherBug Achieve offers separate teacher and student logins. In order to enter the teachers area you will need to register online and obtain a username and password.

  • To register, click the REGISTER ONLINE button. This will take you to a short registration form
  • To login, type in your username and password and click the SUBMIT button.
  • If you forgot your password, click the FORGOT PASSWORD link. Fill in your email address and the system will send your username and password to the specified email address.

Click NEXT to continue.

Step 3 - Teacher's Registration

please fill in the registration form to get a username and password.This is confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

  • Make sure you have your school Key code when registering.Your principal has a letter with your school key code.
  • Please note that you may select more than one subject area and grade level
  • Once completed,the username and password will be sent automatically to the email address you have specified.

Click NEXT to continue.

Step 4 - Three-Step Student Login

  • Please select your country. The default country selected is the United States. Canadian students should click the Canadian flag to change the default to Canada. This will also switch the zip code to the Canadian postal code format. Type in the appropriate zip/postal code and click SUBMIT.
  • Select your school from the list. The list will contain only member schools within the selected zip/postal code. If your school does not appear on the list, please call our support number (located on the top left of your screen). Select SUBMIT to continue
  • Select your grade level and click ENTER to enter the classroom.

Click NEXT to continue.

Step 5 - Final Note!

If your principal did not receive our letter, or you have problems registering, please contact our helpdesk: 1.800.544.4429, ext. 1721 or, send email to: members@earthnetworks.com . Please include the words, "Membership query" in the subject line of your e-mail.

Thank you for your patience,

WeatherBug Achieve Team